Low-Cost Supplies for people with diabetes

ReliOn Prime Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Walmart’s ReliOn brand has given diabetics in the U.S. affordable options for blood glucose monitoring. This kit is an oldie but a goodie. 

The kit costs $9 and a 100 count bottle of test strips costs $17.88.

Center Health Duo & Nano Testing Kits

Center Health Duo & Nano testing kits connect to your iPhone or Android. A subscription to their test strip program includes the testing device free of charge. You can purchase unlimited strips per month for $29 in which they send you 150 strips per month to start out and then detect how often you test and send more based on frequency. PURCHASE HERE

ReliOn Premier Classic Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Just like the first ReliOn kit, this is one you can rely on! Not only are ReliOn’s blood glucose monitoring kits affordable and dependable, their test strips are also the most reasonable on the market. This kit costs $9 and a 100 count bottle of test strips costs $17.88. Both are available at Walmart.

Insulin Cooler Travel Case

It’s important to keep insulin cool, especially when traveling or being sent somewhere. This insulin cooler travel case is insulated and includes two re-freezable ice packs. It costs $13 and is available on Amazon.