Frequently Asked Questions

Mutual Aid Diabetes business cards on a fluffy green carpet. Three cards: one in foreground has a smaller logo and reads "Mutual Aid Diabetes. Need help with diabetes costs? Call or text 646-780-9571 Twitter: @MutualAidBetes Instagram: @MutualAidDiabetes" cards in background feature red orange teal dark blue heart logos on a white background.

Mutual Aid Diabetes is a group of diabetics dedicated to caring for the community by connecting community members in need with medication, insulin, supplies, and healthcare. We are 100% volunteer.

Mutual aid is a way for a community to collectively care for those most marginalized and vulnerable to harm. It's an anti-capitalist response to artificial scarcity created by the state/government(s.) Mutual aid involves the voluntary exchange of resources and knowledge, without access barriers like means testing. Mutual aid groups are not charities. Instead, there's an anarchist emphasis on avoiding hierarchies that create a divide between those asking for help and those helping. By creating a mutual aid network we are building a more sustainable way for our entire community to care for those in it. 

We are 100% funded by no-strings-attached donations! 100% of our PayPal and GoFundMe money is redistributed to diabetics in need or used to pay for their supplies. We don't have any partnerships with corporations. We will never take money from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or health insurance companies. With the exception of SkinGrip and Diabetics Doing Things, companies which have donated generously to MAD on a number of occasions, most of our funding comes from individuals' small donations.

You can support our cause here

Sort of... MAD does not have an office or official place to store supplies -- we are an online network. If you'd like to share your extra supplies with diabetics in need, you can fill out this form and someone will contact you if the supplies are needed. Sometimes multiple people in the same area with the same supplies are contacted. If this is the case community members are connected with the first to respond.

Any diabetic (or non-diabetic reaching out on behalf of someone with diabetes) can request aid. There is no means testing: everyone who asks us for help is eligible to receive it. Depending on your unique circumstances we will have different options for assistance.

You can fill out this form to request assistance from us.

After filling out a request aid form, you will be contacted by a MAD volunteer within 24-72 hours. They will contact you via text or email and then phone.

Depending on your unique circumstances our volunteers will offer potential solutions. If for whatever reason, something a volunteer suggests doesn't work for you, please tell them why so we can better meet your needs. Generally because every situation is so unique, the more information folks volunteer the better we're able to assist. 

MAD volunteers can provide: peer support, help navigating the process of obtaining prescriptions, direct funding (typically $35-$50) to pick up prescriptions, and access to our supply sharing network, which gets surplus insulin, medications, and testing supplies to those in need. 

In the event that no other better options exist, and with your consent, our volunteers can refer you to diabetics who share surplus supplies and medication in your area. 

For the most part, unfortunately no. Our funds are limited and so we prioritize redistributing them primarily for insulin, medication, supplies, and diabetes related costs. Community members we've worked with in the past who have ongoing needs are occasionally issued small amounts of direct aid for non-diabetes related costs on a case by case basis -- pending funds being available. 

Right now we are usually unable to do custom crowdfunding posts but if you tag us we will share your requests!

Our volunteers can help you figure out what insurance you're eligible for and help you apply for things like Patient Assistance Programs. Housing is not our expertise but we try to refer community members to local mutual aid groups and resources for housing when we can. 

There's no limit to how many times you can request help from MAD.