Click here to donate to our general fund. 100% of this money is redistributed to help community members seek medical care and obtain insulin, medication, and supplies. You can also support us with a reoccurring monthly gift on Patreon. MAD doesn’t currently accept or facilitate prescription donations, but if you would like to share your surplus Rx supplies, you can fill out this community run form. You can also provide direct aid to diabetic community members in need below:

Help Dalyce get a Diabetes Early Alert Canine!

Community member Dalyce is raising money to get a diabetic alert service dog! “Since returning to America in 2020 after 6 years abroad, I have had several emergency hypoglycemic episodes where I have lost consciousness and not been able to treat the low blood sugar. These moments are incredibly traumatic for me when I wake up to paramedics reviving me or when I lose a whole day of functionality due to recovering from blood glucose levels being out of range.” You can support Dalyce on GoFundMe.

Help Monique with fees for her Diabetic Alert Dog Successor!

“As many of you know I was paired with a Diabetic Alert Dog back in August of 2016. For five years Waimea protected me and gave me a sense of independence I truly needed. Unfortunately, Waimea passed from an inoperable tumor in April of 2021. I have struggled with the idea of being paired with another service dog ever since. Early Alert Canines refers to a second service dog for clients as a Successor. These dogs are paired with individuals who have lost their previous service animal or if said dog retires.” You can support Monique on GoFundMe.

Help T1D Charlie avoid homelessness!

Community member Charlie is urgently in need of funds for rent and living expenses to avoid becoming unhoused, and funds to secure continued access to medical care. Charlie was unable to work during the pandemic due to being immunocompromised, and has been struggling to pay his bills ever since. He has also accumulated large amounts of medical debt, and has struggled to keep receiving supplies and care after having to switch insurance multiple times. You can support him on LaunchGood

Help Jay with Health Costs!

“Haven’t been updating because I feel like crap, but another string of anonymous giving! I appreciate each and every one of you, whether you shared / donated/ prayed for me! We are $220 short!! Please help me fund my diabetic needs.” You can send funds directly to his PayPal.

Help Nicholas with Meds!

Click here to donate to T1D Nicholas’ GoFundMe for his blood pressure meds! After being unemployed due to Covid-19 Nicholas is struggling to make ends meet with his medical expenses. You can also send funds via Venmo:
@Nicholas-Littlewood and Cash App: $itisNi

Help Thomas with Insulin and Housing!

Thomas is an unhoused TID seeking funds for insurance, insulin, medical care, and shelter. He lost his wife to cancer, as well as his small business, and ultimately his home. You can help by donating to his GoFundMe, CashApp ($tjsimmonsjr2), or Zelle (


Help Natasha with Medical Costs!

Community member Natasha is requesting funds toward $300 in medical costs.

PayPal: or Cash App: $tlmartin31

Help Precious with Living Expenses!

Community member is in need of $700 in funding for living and housing expenses. Please send funds to Cashapp: $preciousjackson40 or 
Venmo: @Jamz__ or

Help Emily with Medical Expenses!

A community member is seeking funding to help with medical and living expenses while dealing with a medical crisis. Please send funds to Venmo: @ Emily-Cahill-27  or PayPal:

Help Courtney and her Daughter!

Courtney is a single mom and T1D who is housing insecure since losing SSI. She is in need of ongoing funding for shelter and living expenses. You can send funds directly to Courtney through Venmo: @Courtney-Queen-12 Cash App: $ezziesmom1 and PayPal. You can read about her experience with eviction in VICE

Help Dawn with Housing and Food Insecurity!

Dawn is an unhoused community member in need of funding for shelter and food. You can help by donating to her GoFundMe.

Help Caitlin with Medical Debt and Rent!

“I’m crowdsourcing to ask for help. I’ve been unemployed since May 2021 and have been struggling to pay rent & medical bills the last few months. Diabetes is a very expensive condition, and insulin & other supplies cost so much.” You can help by donating to her GoFundMe.

Help Zak with Medical Debt from DKA!

“[Zak] does not have health insurance because the company he worked for closed their local office a while back.  He has been admitted to the hospital multiple times this past year, due to complications of diabetes, including diabetic Ketoacidosis. The hospital bills are stacking up and he needs help making ends meet.” You can help by donating to his GoFundMe.

Help Kaylyn Pay Off Diabetes Debt!

“We’re looking for help in paying down medical debt for diabetes supplies! We currently owe my supply pharmacy alone $2500, not factoring in doctors bills and insulin costs. I need to pay the current balance before ordering new supplies, so anything helps! Thank you!” You can help by donating to her GoFundMe.

Help Nathan with Medical Bills and Insulin!

“[Nathan] won’t be able to work for months…at the very least. He still has bills to pay, insulin to buy, a truck that needs fixed and God only knows how much this trip to the hospital is going to cost in the end. I’m asking y’all to help out a kid that would without question help you if the rules were reversed.” You can help by donating to his GoFundMe.