We are NOT a 501c3 nonprofit.

GoFundMe: 100% of our general fund (GoFundMe) is redistributed to help community members, prioritizing those seeking insulin, medication, and supplies.

Patreon: You can also support our group and the community with a recurring monthly donation on Patreon. These funds help us cover operating costs and the remainder is redistributed.

PayPal: You can send a direct “friend/personal” payment via PayPal, which will go towards our general fund for redistribution. 

Supply Sharing: If you would like to share your surplus prescription supplies with those in need, you can fill out this form. You will be contacted if the supplies are requested in your area. 

Lantus pen on a wood table. Behind it is a box of lantus pens and MAD business cards with our red orange teal and dark blue heart logo
Vial and 2 pens of novolog on wooden table with green plants and MAD business cards in the background featuring our heart logo.