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If you’re a journalist or member of the media who would like to interview someone from MAD, please email us at We aren’t always able to respond to press inquiries due to time constraints, but greatly appreciate your interest in the important work our organization does. Below is a selection of interviews and articles that feature MAD and our organizers: 


MAD in the media

Learn more about our organizers and how we work:

Human Rights Watch

Read the 92-page report: “If I’m Out of Insulin, I’m Going to Die” which details why US insulin prices abuse human rights and features MAD organizers Allie, Emily, and Zoe.

pop art illustration of a white male doctor with glasses looking at a chest x-ray while flames burn around him

Sick Note

Diabetics turn to one another for help: A conversation with Allie Marotta of Mutual Aid Diabetes.

Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting "MCIR" logo

Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting

“These systems are set up to continue gouging people for their money and also to create this continual need,” Miller said. “So, we are already seeing a bunch of people re-submitting requests for us. But we do our best to try and give them creative options so that maybe we don’t need to.”

Diabetics Doing Things Podcast

"MAD cannot be bought by anyone. All of our money is no strings attached money. We're not partnering with any corporations. That means that we don't need to answer to anyone. The community can just decide what's best for itself."

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SELF Magazine

As insulin costs keep rising, research suggests that about 25% of diabetics have had to resort to rationing their insulin, despite the very real health risks associated with doing so.

Photo of a syringe. Text reads: The Shot in bold letters. A weekly digest of media related to insulin dependents in the U.S. and the movement for insulin for all.

The Shot

"Designer and developer Kathryn Yu made a game based on the real life story of Mutual Aid Diabetes and NY #Insulin4All activist Allie Marotta and her experience having to ration insulin."