Help diabetics escape .

UN News/Ziad Taleb

The UN reported, “Goods humanitarians are trying to bring into Gaza… ‘seem to be prohibited by the Israelis…’ Some of the medical materials include basic drugs for treating chronic illnesses such as insulin pens.”

According to Human Rights Watch, “The blockade is preventing sufficient medicine from entering Gaza and disrupting the refrigeration needed for insulin. The blockade is collective punishment of the civilian population, a war crime.”

Conditions in Gaza continue to deteriorate. Famine and disease are spreading, while Israel is blocking life-saving humanitarian aid from getting to those those in need. 
You can donate to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) here and to UNRWA here to support Palestinian refugees. 
MAD has assembled the following crowdfunding requests to support diabetics currently in Gaza:

"Help Hisham evacuate his family out of Gaza"

Hisham is a diabetic who is trying to evacuate with his family from Gaza. His friend in Egypt set up this fundraiser to help them escape. Please support his pleas for funds.

Hisham‘s message to you:
“Gaza is a place where saying a last goodbye has become a luxury. My family lives in dire conditions—separated, displaced, and yearning for safety.”

"Support Badr's Family's Urgent Evacuation"

This fundraiser is for [Fatima and Badr’s] dear grandmother and father, who live in Deir al-Balah, in Gaza Strip. Fatima says ‘My grandmother suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure, and she is paralyzed and cannot move except in a chair.'”

"Help Hamza and his family

‏Hello, I am Hamza Al-Ghazali, eighteen years old. I have been suffering from diabetes for 9 years, and the reason for my condition is the war on Gaza in 2014. We have suffered in our lives from many wars, but now we are exposed to a violent war and we are exposed to deliberate hunger because we are still in the northern Gaza Strip, and once again the occupation began to prevent entry into the Strip, the pillar of life of people with diabetes, which is (insulin)!! Here in the North we suffer from a lack of food, and if it is available, it is available in a very precious form!” Watch Hamza on Instagram here!

"Help Mohammed And His Family To Survive The Crisis

During the 3rd month of the War, we started running out of essential medications for which I was in need. Accordingly, my family started thinking about my medical situation seriously, since I‘m not allowed to stop my medication under any circumstances. Although it’s hard and painful for me to leave my beloved people in such cruel circumstances, my family has decided that We can’t stay any longer in Gaza, because I need to continue my medication and Education abroad and for my family to have a chance of living peacefully. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy for us to get out of here, it costs lots of money to just cross the border to Egypt! So, my friends decided to help me raise this fundraiser for us to collect the funds to evacuate.”

"Evacuate my family from Gaza to Egypt

The bombing of the people in Gaza has not stopped. It’s so painful to see them living in such dire and critical circumstances, depriving themselves of basic needs, and facing constant danger and uncertainty. They couldn’t even access medical health care services. My 75-year-old father, a retired head nurse of a pediatric department with a lifelong commitment and experts in child health, battles a necrotic lung disease and is totally dependent on oxygen therapy. My 73-year-old mother struggles with diabetes, hypertension, and chronic renal disorder.”

"Help Salma escape agression on Gaza, secure insulin...

My 13-year-old daughter, Salma, is a unique basketball player and a remarkable student, she is also a resilient fighter against diabetes, a battle she has faced since the age of 2. Unfortunately, due to the barbaric circumstances of this war, Salma is running out of her essential insulin medications and blood check strips. This scarcity is leading to improper blood sugar control, exacerbated by the horrific conditions and stress she is currently enduring.”

"Support my family in Gaza

My family is still staying in half of the church that wasn’t affected by the bombing because there is nowhere else to stay other than tents. They are limited to one small meal a day and one shower a week. They are sleeping on the floors, but no one can sleep since there is bombing everywhere around them. Even when there is no bombing, they can still hear the loud buzzing sound of the military planes above them, which would keep anyone who hears it awake. Along with everything, My grandma has diabetes and osteoporosis, so she can’t walk. She has to take her insulin medication along with many others; however, she has run out of many of her medications.”

"Help my family to evacuate from Gaza to Egypt

My family is still living in the Gaza Strip, and like so many other families, their lives are hell right now. My family includes my father and mother, my sisters Nisreen and Yasmine and my brother Anwar. My dad is 77 years old and my mother, who I call the soul of my soul and the balm of my life, is 75 years old and confined to a wheelchair because of a war injury when she was young.
My brother Anwar and my sister Yasmine suffer from diabetes mellitus type 1… They need insulin urgently and regularly. Any lack of insulin puts their lives in danger, as what happened with my older sister Ibtisam, who lost her life 10 years ago due to a lack of insulin.”

"Emergency: help me evacuate my family from Gaza

The continuous bombardment and the ongoing genocide pose a significant threat to their well-being. What pains me even more is that due to the lack of medications in Gaza, my Mom, who is a type 2 Diabetis patiant and was scheduled for an urgent eye surgery, have had no access to insulin or any medical care for the past 3 months. Some of my family members sought refuge in the southernmost part of Gaza (Rafah) in tents. However, my parents, and sisters have no alternative place to stay, forced to remain in the Nusierat refugee camp, which is now the subject of continuous severe bombardment since christmas started.”

"Help my family evacuate Gaza to Canada

During the war, my family evacuated from the north to the south, becoming homeless and evacuating more than seven times. They are now living on the streets, and they do not have anywhere to live.
I have two nephews, aged six months and two and a half years, and my brothers cannot find diapers or milk for them. Besides my mother suffering from severe asthma and my father suffering from diabetes, we cannot find medication for my parents, as well as lack of access to clean water and food, which has resulted in a number of diseases.”