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MN Insulin Safety Net Program

In 2020, the Minnesota Legislature passed the Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act, which Governor Tim Walz signed into law on April 15, 2020. The Act creates an Insulin Safety Net Program that will aid individuals who can’t afford insulin. The program is made up of two parts: 

  1. the urgent need program,
  2. the continuing need program.

The urgent need program allows eligible individuals who are in urgent need of insulin to get a one-time, 30-day supply of insulin from their pharmacy, for a $35 co-pay. An urgent need for insulin means that you have less than a 7-day supply of insulin and you will likely have significant health consequences if you run out of insulin.

The continuing need program requires insulin manufacturers to provide insulin to eligible individuals for up to one year, with the option to renew annually. Throughout the year you are determined eligible, the manufacturers will provide your prescribed insulin for a co-pay of no more than $50 for each 90-day supply. Some individuals with insurance may be referred to a manufacturer’s co-pay program, which waives all or part of the co-pay that the patient normally has to pay, if the co-pay program provides you a better value

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If you are completely out of insulin or in DKA please seek emergency help.

We know that the costs of emergency care are outrageously expensive. Your life is worth it. We care about you and will do our best to help you with fundraising resources to cover the costs.

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