Current Legislation by State

Types of Legislation

There are currently three main types of insulin legislation that has been passed:

  • Co-pay price caps: limits the cost of your copay for an insulin prescription with certain insurance plans to a state wide regulated price 
  • Kevin’s Law: emergency prescription refills at the pharmacy
  • Drug assistance/emergency insulin programs (Alec Smith Act)

Legislation by State

These states currently have a co-pay price cap set for insulin prescriptions: Colorado (2019)Illinois (2019)Maine (2020)New Mexico (2020)New York (2020)Utah (2020)Virginia (2020)Washington (2020)West Virginia (2020)

These states currently have a version of Kevin’s Law available: Arizona (2017)Arkansas (2017)Colorado (2019)Connecticut (2020)Florida (2016)Idaho (2018)Indiana Illinois (2017),  Kentucky (2019)Minnesota (2019)MarylandNew HampshireOhio (2016)Oklahoma (2019)Oregon (2019)Pennsylvania (2018)Tennessee (2018)South Carolina (2020)Utah (2019)West Virginia (2019)Wisconsin (2017)

The only state that currently has an emergency insulin program in effect is Minnesota.

Trump Executive Orders

Donald Trump introduced a series of Executive Orders in July 2020 aimed to increase insulin accessibility. Read more about what these orders are and their actual implications here.

New legislation is always being introduced and there are many bills in progress that are concerned with insulin accessibility. This page will be updated to reflect any changes. Last update: 11/15/2020

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If you are completely out of insulin or in DKA please seek emergency help.

We know that the costs of emergency care are outrageously expensive. Your life is worth it. We care about you and will do our best to help you with fundraising resources to cover the costs.

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