A Community Based Resource Hub for Diabetics of all Types

Our Mission

Mutual Aid Diabetes (MAD) seeks to ensure that 
every member of the diabetes community has access to adequate medical supplies, medications, and sustainability resources via facilitated peer support.

Our Vision

Mutual Aid Diabetes’ vision is to eliminate insulin, medication, and supply insecurity for people with diabetes by finding the most sustainable solutions for each member of the community.

Our Values


  • Integrity: we will always be honest and authentic, tied to the integrity of supporting/prioritizing the community, we will adhere to our principles 
  • Solidarity: mutual aid is solidarity not charity
  • Service: we are community driven 
  • Diversity: representative of the whole community
  • Collaboration: democratic process to include all voices in the community

Our Principles


  • We will always be by and for the community.
  • We will never take pharmaceutical funding or support.
  • We will strive to be inclusive of the whole community and provide our resources for all people who need them, regardless of diagnosis. 
  • We are committed to vigilant anti-discrimination within the community. See our equity statement for more info.
  • We will always offer full transparency concerning our actions.

Our Goals


  1. Short-term: Emergency access to diabetes supplies & medication
  2. Mid-term: Access to affordable diabetes supplies & medication
  3. Long-term: Sustainable solutions for continued access to diabetes supplies & medication

Our Story

Mutual Aid Diabetes (MAD) was formed in response to the insulin crisis in the United States. 
We are a group of people with diabetes who saw a need, especially during the pandemic of COVID-19, to more formally organize mutual aid efforts in the diabetes community. 

Many of us have relied on mutual aid ourselves due to rationing insulin and supplies and many of us have provided mutual aid. 

We are sick of seeing our community not have anywhere to go when needing help getting supplies/medication while other organizations and areas of the community fail to adequately address community needs, despite taking millions of dollars in donations, accepting pharmaceutical money, and having staff. 

Together, the community has the means to provide for one another. We are building the place to facilitate this and reach areas of the diabetes community that other organizations are not. 

We feel like we have no choice but to do this. 

We do not want to exist. 

Our Equity Statement


Mutual Aid Diabetes recognizes the inequity and injustices created and perpetuated by the systems we rely on to survive. As a network built by and for the diabetes community, our leadership must represent the diabetes community at large. We intentionally seek to create a platform for those in our community who have been systemically erased from the conversation around insulin and medication access, especially members of the diabetes community who are (but not limited to) Black, Indigenous, Latinx, type 2, LADA, MODY, type 3C, CFRD, fat, incarcerated, immigrant, un/under-documented, trans, and who have co-occuring disabilities. By intentionally lifting the voices of those historically left out of the conversation, we aim to close the gap between those who speak for those suffering from lack of insulin and medication access and those who live this struggle in their daily lives.

MAD aims to create a leadership team that is reflective of our community, including those suffering from the insulin crisis, while acknowledging that those who have the resources to take on leadership positions have privileges and access to resources that the diabetes community as a whole often do not. As our current leadership stands, we acknowledge our collective privilege that enables us to create an organization with no compensation for our labor. We seek to transition leadership to a more diverse and representative group once fully established and will continue to consult with our community as we engage in this endeavor. In the words of Assata Shakur, “Any community seriously concerned with its own freedom has to be concerned about other peoples’ freedom as well.”


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